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The Vcheck Merchant Android App

  • Having problems reaching Vcheck from your office and not sure if its us/you or the Internet?
  • Need quick access to all the Vcheck websites including the User's Manual, Support Ticket and your account?
  • Away from your office and need to contact us or check something in your Vcheck account?
  • Is your computer down but you HAVE to print a check right now?

google-play-badge.jpgThe Vcheck Merchant App for Android is your answer! The Vcheck App is free, has no ads, and does not require invasive permissions. It is simply a value-added feature of your Vcheck account. You may download the app via the Google Play button or go the the Play Store on your Android device and search for Vcheck Merchant


How to Print Checks from This App

While not as easy as using your computer, you can print checks from your Android device. You will need three things in order to do this - a compatible browser, PDF viewer and a way to print to your check printer.

We have tested the native Android browser, FireFox and Chrome. They all work fine in that they will download the PDF check files to your device. If you use a different default browser and it downloads empty files or indicates unsuccessful downloads, please try one of the above.

If you already have a PDF viewer or Office suite installed you may try those to see if the check PDF displays properly (mainly the embedded MICR font). If not, we highly recommend the Xodo PDF Viewer and Editor - it's free, no ads, and works perfectly with the Vcheck PDF Files.

Most major printer brands now offer an Android app that allow you to print (via wifi) to your printer. There are also Cloud based printer apps. Once you can print from your device you are all set.

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