Custom Vcheck Form Images

Upload Custom Vcheck Form Images (Banners)

There are 3 steps to the Vcheck submission process. (Enter Data, Confirm Data and extra options, On-screen Confirmation and Receipt).

customize menu form images.jpg

By default, each of those pages has a top banner simply explaining to the submitter what step they are on.

If desired, you may create you own banners for one or more of those steps. The banners must be a .gif, .jpg or .png format and no larger than 800px wide by 400px tall.

You may also create a custom banner and use the same one for all 3 steps.

The Edit Vcheck Form Images page will display the current banners being used and give you the options to Browse your hard drive to select a new banner to upload and use, or reset the selection back to the default banner.

Also, if desired, you may add an additional Footer Banner that will appear above the TrustGuard security seals at the bottom of the form pages. Please view the PDF file linked to below for more details or watch the video.

452.86 KB PDF
Quick Reference on What Can Be Customized on the Vcheck Form.

Just for reference, below are some sample of custom banners merchants have created. Most use three different banners as does the default form. One for each of the three steps of the check submission process.  Although this is not required. You may use a single custom banner for all three steps if desired.






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