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If you are interested in either our Custom Programming or Website Design services, please send us an email or call us at 1.800.697.9997

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Vcheck is a SaS (Software as a Service) provided by SSNet, Inc. We have been in the Internet related software business since 1996. When we are not taking care of our Vcheck customers, we are buried eye-ball deep in custom software projects for county governments (e-commerce systems) and both large and small companies.

We specialize in server based systems, both internet and intranet. We have designed, coded and implemented a wide array of custom software solutions over the last 20 years.

This ranges from complex, multi-page online forms up to the entire ecommerce system for the LA County Treasurer's Office.

Responsive Website Design

responsive site_1.jpgNot so long ago, a website only had to work on a desktop computer. As mobile devices became more popular, a company had to maintain both a desktop and mobile version of their websites to be competitive.  The latest technology allows for Responsive websites. One website that automatically restructures itself depending on the screen resolution and browser window size - while staying fully functional.

Having a website that looks and plays well with mobile devices is almost a necessity now that Google has started penalizing search results for sites that do not.

We design Responsive sites in a Content Management System (CMS) known as Concrete5. This CMS allows a non-technical website owner to easily edit and maintain their own site via any browser - while looking at the actual page - not through some extremely complicated back-end management console - although Concrete5 does have such if advanced functions are needed.

Below you will find some thumbnails (click to enlarge) of some recent responsive sites we have designed.  The URL for each site is displayed on the larger image so you can check out the actual site.  Below the responsive sites are some older sites we have designed to give you an idea of our experience.

How does a responsive site look on different devices? Below are some shots (click to enlarge) of the same exact website on different screen sizes - phone, tablet, desktop, etc. 

Responsive Sites We Have Designed:

Older Static Website Designs: