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This Page is NOT Applicable for ACH Accounts

Before you print your first check, it is important that you have already set the check size, number of copies and check alignment under the Merchant - PDF Settings function.

When a new check is added to your Waiting Checks table, the Options button will be a darker blue color. 

The moment you select the Print or Download option under that button - it will change to a light blue in color.  This makes it easy to determine which checks have already been printed or downloaded. There is a color legend at the top of the Waiting Checks table for reference.

Obviously, checks are very highly formatted. Certain data must be placed in exact locations. There is a setting in the Print Dialog box of PDF Viewers that can alter the correct placement of this data. When the PDF Viewer launches the document into your browser, the PDF Viewer toolbar will appear just above the actual check document.

Click on the Print icon on the PDF Viewer toolbar - not the Browser's Print icon. If your Viewer launches PDF Files into it's own window instead of inside the browser window - just click on the Print icon in that window. That will launch the PDF Viewer print dialog box (see image below). Depending on what software you use to view PDF file, there is an option for "Shrink oversized pages to paper size." Make sure that option is UNCHECKED!. Some viewers call that option "Page Scaling", in that case it should be set to None or Actual Size. PDF Viewers should remember this setting for future printings - but it is a good idea to double check each time you print a check. Adobe is notorious for doing automatic updates and resetting some of these print options.

adobe print dialog.jpg

pdf exchange print dialog.jpg

In fact, for numerous reasons, we haven't used Adobe in a decade. There are other free, sleeker, bug-free PDF Viewers out there that have always worked well with Vcheck.  See the sidebar for options.

In some PDF Viewers, using the Auto-Rotate and Center option in the print dialog does the trick, on others - it throws everything way off. Again, depending on the printer you use, you may have to play with the settings to get the positioning within acceptable margins. Also, depending on your printer, you may receive a warning that certain areas of the page are outside the printable margins. Ignore all such warning and select the option to continue.

However, because all printers and printer drivers vary, the above settings may not put the critical MICR line where it needs to be. Or, due to the way the printer grabs the paper, the entire PDF image may print too high or too low.

The Merchant - PDF Settings menu allows you to fine tune the exact placement of the PDF image to your exact printer by adjusting it up, down, left or right by increments of 1/100th of an inch.

A SPECIAL NOTE TO CHROME USERS: A couple of years ago Google embedded their own PDF Viewer into the Chrome browser and it is used by default.  It does not work and play well together with Vcheck. See these instructions on how to fix this.

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Alternatives to Adobe Reader

In order to print your Vchecks, you will need a PDF Viewer/Reader. Adobe is the best known - but not necessarily the best. Below you will find links to other FREE PDF Viewers that are smaller, faster, trouble-free and work very well with Vcheck.

PDF X-change Viewer (our favorite) - Free for non-advanced version. Download either the .zip or .exe installer here.

FoxIt Reader - Download the Reader from this page.

Sumatra - A very light-weight open source reader.  Download here.

SlimPDF - 10% the size of Adobe Reader - download is only 1.43 MB.