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Why would you ban a check submitter? We had a situation where someone became upset with a merchant and was submitting bogus checks into their account. In other cases, a merchant had terminated coverage or a contract with a customer yet they continued to submit checks trying to "prove" they paid.

Regardless of the cause, you, as the merchant can ban checks from being submitted either by the routing/account number combination, the IP address of submission - or both.

You have the option to ban a check submitter by selecting the Ban Check link under the Options button next to each new check.

Once a "Ban" is set, additional checks that meet the criteria will not be put into your waiting checks table and the submitter will be informed they have been banned from submitting checks.  Complete instructions are on the page where you ban checks - but to summarize:

The recommended procedure is to ban based on BOTH a Routing and Checking Account Number (a specific account from a specific bank). If you add the IP Address, this will not prevent someone from submitting the same routing/account data from another network or IP address because you are banning that specific three part combination. Delete or do not enter the IP address if you want to ban that specific routing/account regardless of its origin.

If you create a ban based on routing number only, it will ban ALL submissions from all accounts that may use that routing number. In essence, you are banning all checks from a specific bank. However, if used in conjunction with the IP Address - you can ban a specific computer or network from submitting a check from a specific routing number.

It is NOT recommended to ban a submission based solely on the IP Address unless you know for a fact that the submitter is using a static IP Address from their home network. If an ISP assigns dynamic IP Addresses to its users, any given IP Address could be assigned to anyone at any time and changes frequently. Most large corporations will use a single static IP - so there may be 1000 employees that would all appear to have the same IP Address.

If you need to find the IP Address for a check that has already been deleted, simply locate the check using the Search feature and click on the View Check History icon. Look for the "Submitted from IP" data.

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Once you ban a check submitter, the screen will refresh showing you a list of all bans.  You can edit, delete, or add a new ban from that screen as shown below:

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