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This Page is NOT Applicable for ACH Accounts

Some banks (Wells Fargo for sure) may now require that all Remotely Created Checks (RCC) that do NOT contain the customer's signature have the number 6 in the 44-45th position of the MICR line.  This allows the bank to quickly identify remotely created checks.

More and more banks are requiring the EPC-6. In addition, some banks won't take a RCC if it DOES have a signature. In essence, there is not a standard at this time.  If your bank requires the EPC-6 and DOES NOT want signatures on such checks you will have to alter the links that go to your Vcheck from so the Signature Capture feature is not activated.  When you do so, the default text below will appear in the signature block. NOTE: this default text has been approved by the banking system and should be accepted by your bank.


Your account holder has authorized this payment to payee. Payee indemnifies you for payment of this check. The check shall be deposited only to the credit of payee and the lack of endorsement is guaranteed by payee.

If you are using the Signature Capture feature, then your links going to the Vcheck form look something like https://www.securevcheck.com/id?mycompany&template=signature - it is that last part in bold that calls for the Signature Capture.  Simply remove that from your link and that feature will be disabled and the default text above will appear on your checks.

So, if (AND ONLY IF) you are notified by your bank that all RCCs you submit for deposit much contain the new EPC code 6 - we have added that option to the Merchant and User PDF Settings page.

A Word of Warning:  At this time we can not confirm that this new EPC requirement has been unified into national banking regulations.  Therefore, you should not add this option unless your bank notifies you that they require it - you checks may be rejected otherwise.

To activate the function that will add the new EPC code to your checks, just login to your account and go to the Merchant - Merchant PDF Settings screen. You will see the new option at the bottom of where you select the number of checks and check size to print.  If you have other admins/users on your account - they each can set their own PDF settings and if they have done so (usually because they use a different printer than the primary user) - they will have to check the box for the EPC code also. See below:

check options with epc6.jpg

39.39 KB PDF
A copy of the letter sent by Wells Fargo to a merchant regarding the requirement for EPC 6
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