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The system allows you to add a permanent note to any check that stays with the check details even after the check is deleted. This can be used for any type of note. For instance you could note any difficulties with the check such as it being returned for NSF, Unable to Locate Account or anything else.

addnoteoption.pngWhile the check is still in the Waiting Checks table, you may add, view or edit a note by clicking on the View/Edit Check Note link under the Options button.

This will launch the Check Note overlay window allowing you to add a new note or view/edit an existing note.

Any check that has a note attached will have an orange border around the Options button in the Waiting Checks table.noteborder.png

If you View or Print the Check Details - the note will appear in those details.

Even after the check is deleted, the note stays with the Check History if in the future you view such view a Search or Reports.  On a check's history page the note appears in a separate orange box below the basic check details.

If you have a Pro account or the upgrade option for Advanced Reporting and download your reports as a .csv file, the very last column will display any notes that are attached to checks.

If you are using the notes to track things such as returned checks, you can sort the spreadsheet by that last column to easily see such checks.


The Check Notes overlay window.


A section of the View Check Details window. You will see the Check Note above the Form Details.


A section of the Check History page - Any Note will be displayed in an orange box under the check details.

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