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Due to all the security settings and requirements to allow an outside app to send mail through an Office 365 account, we can not offer any support or assistance for this.  The right sidebar contains some links to articles that may help.

In the past, the Vcheck form that your customers would submit was defaulted to always send the customer an email receipt containing their payment information.  However, we had to change that default to Do Not Send (the customer can change that to Send Receipt on Step 2 of the process).

This was due to our IP address being blocked (numerous times) by the major providers because enough customers were reporting the receipts as SPAM.

If you want the Vcheck form to default back to always send the receipts or you are using the Batch Upload or Direct Submit methods, you must use your own outgoing mail server (SMTP) to prevent customers from reporting unexpected receipts as SPAM against our IP address.

This is a simple matter of providing the information for either your existing Reply-To email address or a new email account you may setup just for this purpose. A screen shot of the required information is at the bottom of this page.

In order for you to use your own SMTP server, you need to contact us at so we can enable that option on your account. The options to add/edit/activate the outside SMTP settings are limited to the Primary Administrator on your account

Once the Primary Administrator has logged in, proceed to the Merchant - Edit SMTP Settings menu (3rd item down under Merchant).

By using your own SMTP server, by default, all check payment receipts will be sent automatically.  Otherwise, the default system setting is Do Not Send Receipt unless the customer specifically changes that.

There are specific instructions on the Custom SMTP Settings page.  Important notes below:

1. Once you have entered and successfully tested the SMTP settings, a new section will appear at the top of the settings page to Enable Custom SMTP.  You must check the box for that to enable/disable.

2. You can either setup a new email account to be used for this or use the settings for your current Reply-To email address found in your Contact Settings.  You will need the following for the SMTP settings:  SMTP Host, Port, SMTP Encryption (None, SSL, TLS), SMTP username (usually the email address), and the SMTP Password.

E-Mails sent through Custom SMTP will no longer be from "Vcheck Payment System " and will be From the E-Mail address provided as the Reply-To address in your Contact Information settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most servers will not allow mail to be sent From any email address other than the one listed for the email account. So, unless your SMTP server will allow a list of multiple "From" addresses that can send mail, you will have to change the Reply-To email address in your Merchant - Edit Contact Information settings to match the new SMTP email address.

If you don't want to monitor the email account associated with the SMTP account, but want the ability for your customers to respond to the receipts, then simply add a forwarder to forward all incoming mail to the current Reply-To address or appropriate staff member.


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Using an Office 365 Account?

SMTP AUTH should be enabled on the specific mailbox you want to send with. This may help

Having MFA enabled on their office365 account may cause problems:

There's something called App Passwords that may need to be used if MFA is enabled.

There are posts that indicate having "Security Defaults" in office365/azure enabled can cause authentication issues.