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Advanced Reporting

Advanced reports is an optional upgrade for all accounts but is included in the Pro level account. Advanced Reporting allows you to generate full check detail reports by the month or specific date range. You may view the results on-screen or download the details as a comma delimited text (.csv) file that may be opened in Excel or imported into almost any database program. If you have the Pro level account or the optional upgrade for Check Batching, you can also pull full detail reports on a batch by batch basis.

Below is a shot of the basic Report - Monthly Reports screen. More details on basic Reports can be found on this page.

Advanced Reporting.jpg

The major advantage of the Advanced Reports upgrade is the ability to download any report (Annual, Monthly or Batch) as a .csv (comma delimited text) file.

Once imported into Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or other database program, the reports can be sorted or searched by any of the fields. The .csv report contains data for ALL the possible fields - not just the basic important fields you can view on the screen.

Below you can download a PDF file of a sample of an advanced report showing all the fields included. In Excel or similar - each check would be a separate line and all the fields would run across the page.  For clarity, when saving as a PDF, it is broken into 4 pages.

You can also download a sample .csv file to import into your favorite spreadsheet or database program.


18.63 KB PDF
In a spreadsheet each check is a separate row. When saving to a PDF, the rows are broken into 4 pages. But you can see all the fields included.
2.07 KB CSV
Same as the above except the actual .csv file to import into Excel or similar.
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