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Some banks allow their customers to upload a .csv file containing check data for conversion to ACH or electronic processing. There are two ways this takes place.

1. You upload a standard .csv file to your bank and they map the few required fields to whatever system they use to create the processing file.  Easy-Peasy.

2. Your bank requires you to upload a standard NACHA file for ACH processing.  NACHA files are very complex and this would require the use of a 3rd Party software to convert the Vcheck data into the proper NACHA format.

Both methods start with a .csv file that contains ALL the check data including full routing and account numbers. We have implemented code that will allow anyone with the Check Batching upgrade (and the user permissions to View Reports) to download the required .csv file for any given Batch.

SECURITY ALERT: The .csv files created by this function contain the full routing and account numbers. If you have the upgrade for Additional Admins/Users on your account, you should review the permissions of all your users.  Only those users (besides the Primary) with the permission for Can View Reports will see the new link to download the .csv files.

DO NOT, DO NOT open the .csv files in Microsoft Excel or similar program and resave the file.  Excel will strip any leading zeros from the routing and account numbers when importing the data. It is fine to open the .csv file in a spreadsheet program to review the data - just DON'T resave it as the same file.  Always use the original .csv file that the system provides for your bank.

download csv.pngThe new option to Download Batch as CSV File will appear under the Options button next to each batch.  It will contain the data for all checks in that batch.  The CSV file contains all the same fields that appear in the Advanced Reports downloads, but only a few are needed by your bank or the 3rd Party NACHA file creation software.

The CSV does contain a header row naming each column. The column headings are self-explanatory but the ones most often needed are Name (account holders name), Bank Name, Check Amount, Routing Number and Account Number.

PLEASE NOTE: As with individual checks in your Waiting Checks table, after a batch has been processed and/or downloaded, it should be deleted after a week or so for security.

1.89 KB CSV
All the check data in this file is bogus - but will work for a bank to verify the field layout.
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