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This function refers to links you have created via the Create Send Payment Link function. The database of created links only goes back to June 2018 so any links created before that date will not appear.

If a customer tries to use a link that has been cancelled they will see an error page.

The error page says "The link you used has been disabled by the merchant. Please contact the merchant to get an updated link or for further instructions." Also displayed is the Payee designated in the payment link, your Reply-To email address as set in your contact info along with your phone number.

This function can be used to cancel one or more existing links or to find a previously created link so you can copy the link to resend to a customer.

NOTE: If you have created a generic payment link (without the check amount, memo field, etc) you probably don't want to cancel those.

The Payment Links table works just like your Waiting Checks table. By default the table is sorted by the newest links on top. You can sort the table by any of the fields to make it easier to find a specific link.  The table will display up to 200 entries.  If you need to see older links, please use the date range search above the table.

If you only have one Payee for your checks, the Payee column will be empty. If you use multiple payees, that column will indicate the payee selected for the payment link.

To cancel any given link, just click on the Cancel Link button in the far right column.  You can also select multiple links with the checkboxes in the left column.  You can also use the Select All button at the bottom of the table if you wish to cancel all previously created links.


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