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This Page is NOT Applicable for ACH Accounts

Batching Checks into a Single PDF File for Printing

The basic level account creates an individual PDF file for each check. Each must then be opened and printed. The Pro level account (or optional upgrade) lets you batch several checks to several hundred or several thousand checks together as a single PDF file.

You also have the option of printing 3 different checks on a single sheet of check stock.

The end result is a lot of saved time and a 66% savings on check stock.

Batch printing is very easy to use. Before using it, however, you must go to the Merchant - PDF Settings page and select the number of checks per page and the size of the checks on the check stock you use. The system supports check stock that has three checks, each 3.5" tall with .5" of waste at the bottom of the page, or the style that evenly divides the page into 3 checks approximately 3.666" tall.

You will also want to do some test checks on that page to make sure the MICR line is falling where is should. After the above is done, you are ready to print checks. See the PDF Printer Settings page for more details.

To batch all the checks in your Waiting Checks table just use the Select All button at the bottom of that table. By default, the Batch Selected option should be in the Drop-Down box. The other option is to Delete Selected:

create batch.png

If you don't want to batch all the checks, or manually choose just a few, use the checkboxes next to each check.

As mentioned above, you may batch as many checks as desired into a single file. Once created, batched files will appear above the Waiting Checks table. You may then Print, Download, Undo or Delete the batched PDF file.

Batched Checks area.jpg

Note: As with individual checks, even after you delete a batch, you can still view all the details of any check via the Search or Reports functions. Also, the Undo Batch options will simply undo the batch putting all the individual checks back into the Waiting Checks Table.

12.99 KB PDF
A sample of the PDF file produced for printing when you print a batch set for 3 different checks per page. Don't worry, all the names and account numbers are fake.
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Multiple Payees AND Check Batching

If you have checks made out to different payees and you use Check Batching, the checks will be sorted by Payee first, then by date.