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Redirecting Customers Back to Your Own Site

Placing a Link on the Vcheck Confirmation Page to Return the User and Data Back to Another Server or Process:

This process allows certain specified form fields to be passed back to another URL after the Vcheck form has been submitted. This is useful for integrating the Vcheck payment system into a shopping cart or other more complicated order processes. In other words, you can have a shopping cart or ordering process get to a certain point - pass all the data to the Vcheck form so the user can make a payment by Vcheck - and then pass the user (via a link on the Vcheck confirmation page) and desired form field pairs back to another URL to finish the transaction.

This is accomplished with the use of a different set of hidden input fields in your ordering system that are used when calling the Vcheck form.

<input type="hidden" name="redirecturl" value="THE RETURN PATH HERE">
<input type="hidden" name="redirectfields" value="THE NAMES OF THE FORM FIELDS
<input type="hidden" name="redirectname" value="THE TEXT OR CAPTION THAT WILL
<input type="hidden" name="redirectmethod" value="post OR get (all lower case)">

NOTE: If the "get" method is used, your return link will be in the form of a text link below a line on the check confirmation page that reads "You must click below to complete your transaction". This method will simply be your specified URL with the requested form fields tagged on the end using the ? method.

If the "post" method is used, your return link will be in the form of a "submit" button using your provided text as the caption. The button will actually activate a form that posts all the requested form fields back to the specified URL.

Also, if you would rather generate a standard link containing the above (instead of using a form), that may be done also as shown in the sample below (obviously, such a link would not be broken into several lines as is necessary to display it here):

<a href=" ID Here)&redirecturl=
To Complete Transaction&redirectmethod=post">Proceed to Payment</a>

The above would simply create a hyperlink on your own website that says: Proceed to Payment

When a user clicked on that link, they would be taken to your Vcheck form and the system would know you want specific form field pairs posted back to your server. The final Confirmation page of the 3-step Vcheck process would contain a button that says:  Click Here to Complete Transaction

When your customer clicks on that link in the Vcheck form, they and the requested form field pairs will be sent to the redirecturl you specified.

The above methods should only be implemented by a skilled programmer and additional charges will occur if we have to provide support.

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Doing a data Post Back to your server can be used if you don't necessarily need the customer to return to your site after payment.

This page covers doing both a data Post Back AND redirecting the customer back to a specified URL that will also accept the Post Back Data.