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Unless you indicated otherwise in your account data setup, you will receive a new check notification email every time a new check is submitted to your account. The notification emails go to the TO: address(es) in the Contact Data.

The check submitter has the option on the check form of having a receipt emailed to them.

We use a third party to handle the 1000's of daily emails. No system is perfect - especially when it comes to email.

Merchants sometimes contact us saying they did not receive a new check notification.  99% of the time, the message was sent but was either caught by a SPAM filter or rejected for some reason by their server.

There are two ways the system allows you to track the results of these emails - a pro-active popup display upon login and manual tracking.

The Pro-Active Popup Display

IF there have been email bounces (either to your customers or to your TO: notification address(es) since the last time you logged into the system, a popup will display a summary of those. This provides a pro-active way to know if there is a problem with your own email server or with your customer's email address.  A screenshot sample of this popup is below:

email errors.png

Manual Tracking of Email Results

Email Info Option.jpgFor checks still in the Waiting Checks Table, just click on the Options button to the right of the check and select View Email Tracking (second link from the bottom). This will pop-up an overlay showing the details of the outgoing emails. Note that if no tracking data is available, the View Email Tracking link will not be shown.

The Merchant Email and Payer Boxes are color coded as follows:

Green: The email was delivered successfully to the recipient's server. If that is you and you did not receive the message, it is an internal filter on your email provider or local system.

Yellow: The delivery or sending of the message was delayed or there is a misc. error.

Red: The message was bounced or rejected by the recipients server - check the details.

NOTE: Email tracking may not be available for 15 minutes after a check submission. Also, tracking data may not be available after 10 days of a check submission.

See a sample of the data you can view below. If you need to send this data to your IT dept. or email provider, you can copy/paste all the data from the overlay window. If you have properly setup multiple TO: addresses, there will be a Merchant details box for each address.

Email Info Modal.jpg

If the email tracking data is still available on a deleted check, you can view it on the Check History page in your Search results.

Email Info Buttons.jpg

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