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The secure online Vcheck form your customers use to submit checks may be customized in many ways. This ranges from simply adding custom text / instructions on each of the three steps of the check submission process to uploading custom banners and modifying the form colors, text and more to match your own website. Download Free ColorCop to match your website colors.

The modification process is done on three separate pages in your Vcheck Control Panel.  Therefore, explanations on how to use these features can be found on the following pages:

Custom Vcheck Form Text - Adding simple text near the top of one or more of the form pages.

Custom Vcheck Form Images - Replacing one or more of the 3 top banners used and adding an optional footer banner.

Custom Vcheck Form Styles - Modifying the form colors, text colors, check backgrounds and more.

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Quick Reference on What Can Be Customized on the Vcheck Form.

The Vcheck Form is Fully Resposive. Automatically Restructures Based on Device and Window Size.


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ColorCop tells you exactly what color is under the eyedropper. This lets you match your exact website colors in the Vcheck form customization.

ColorCop is a FREE program for Windows.