Custom Vcheck Form Styles

Edit The Vcheck Form Colors, Backgrounds and More

By default, the standard Vcheck form works and looks well. It has been the default form used by most merchants for almost 20 years until we added these customization options.

customize menu form styles.jpgPreviously, if a merchant wanted to customize the Vcheck form it took a lot of special coding on their part. Then all the custom files would have to be uploaded to the secure server by us and the merchant would have to change the links to their form to call the new template.

However, you can now fully customize most of the Vcheck form from the Merchant Control Panel. Additionally, you can change this customization at anytime.

You can instantly change options such as page background color, text colors, check form background colors or images and more.

As a reminder, you may also add custom text to the top of each page of the form, and upload custom banners to the top and an optional footer banner.

If you want to change the various colors of your form to exactly match the basic color scheme of your website, and you don't know the Hex number of those colors, then we suggest you download the Free ColorCop program (for Windows) that will let you mouse over each color of your site and see the Hex code needed to duplicate that color on the Vcheck form.

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Quick Reference on What Can Be Customized on the Vcheck Form.

If you have never used a color picker widget before, we will try to explain it below but we suggest you watch the form customization video linked to near the top of this page.

color picker.jpgEach color you can change on the Vcheck form is displayed as a Hex value in a text entry box with a Default button to the right. Once you click in the text entry box, the color picker widget will appear. The bottom bar of the color picker will show a sample of the currently selected color.

If you know the Hex value of the color you desire, you may simple replace the default value with the new one and then click outside the text entry box to set that selection.  The Default button will simply reset the color to the default color used on the standard Vcheck form.

However, the color picker lets you pick any color you wish to use. The right sidebar of the color picker contains the basic ranges of colors.  You can use your mouse to move the range indicator up or down.

On any given range, the main area of the color picker allows you to pick the exact color you want within that range. Simply point and click on any area or grab the dot with your mouse and move it around until the bottom sample bar of the color picker is the desired color.  To select the new color, simply click anywhere outside the current text entry box or color picker.

Style page and text BG.jpg

The explanations provided below will make much more sense if you download the PDF file above to use as a reference as to what the options actually change on the Vcheck form.

The first section of options deal with the Page Background Color, Page Text Color and options for the main section of the check entry form. The Check Text Color only applies to the actual text on the form such as "Pay to the Order of:" and "Amount".

By default, a standard background graphic is used for the check entry form. You may choose from 7 different images or use a solid color instead.  If you want to use a solid color, use the Check Background Color text entry box to select the desired color and make sure to check the Use Background Color option in the area for Check Background images.

check background image selection.jpg

The next section of options deal with the area below the primary checking account data entry form. This area may contain additional text depending on extra data you may request such as an agreement to a additional service fee, drivers license data, a request to make the payment recurring and more.

Style bottom of form.jpg

The Check Border Color defines the thin border that surrounds the check entry form and bottom areas. Bottom Text Color defines the color of the text that may appear in the bottom section of the form.  As with the main section of the check form, you have the option of selecting one of 7 different background images or a Bottom Background Color.

bottom background image selection.jpg

At any time you may click on the Preview Form with Current Settings button at the bottom of the page to launch your Vcheck form into a new browser window using whatever setting you have currently selected.  Once your form looks just how you want it - MAKE SURE to click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.  Don't worry, you can return to the customization page at any time to make additional changes.

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