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Adding Custom Text to the Top of the Vcheck Form

This page covers the Merchant - Edit Vcheck Form Text function. You may display custom text at the top of all 3 pages in the check submission process.

customize menu form text.jpgCustom messages are NOT required. If you wish to use them, just type your messages in the appropriate boxes below the screen shots of the top of each page in the check submission process - the text entry boxes will expand as needed.

You may wish to use these areas for special instructions or reminders to your customers such as "Please remember to enter the Invoice number in the Memo field below".

The images on the "Edit Vcheck Form Text" of the Control Panel show the default header areas of the Check Form, Confirmation and Receipt Pages. Your custom text will appear where the dark blue line is on the images. The rest of the form will be adjusted down to make room for all your custom text or instructions. You may have custom text for some, all or none of these pages.

For security reasons, only plain text is supported. No HTML tags.

A sample of custom text is shown below:


Screenshot from the Merchant-Edit Vcheck Form Text function:

custom form text entry.jpg

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