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This Page is NOT Applicable for ACH Accounts

Managing Multiple Payees

Another optional upgrade to the base system is the ability to accept checks for multiple payees (different company names).

Please Note: A request for the Multiple Payees function usually requires additional business verification from us before the option is granted.

This feature is useful if you need to accept checks made payable to different companies. For instance, you may do business under two or more DBA's. Or, as in the case with some insurance agencies, the initial check for a new policy may have to be made payable to the company that actually issues the policy - not to the agency.

If you ordered the Multiple Payees option, the Merchant - Edit Payees menu will pop-up a dialog box as shown below. Simply enter each company name as you would like it printed on the check - one name per line. The list is not sorted alphabetically - it will appear in the check drop-down box in the same order you have the Payees listed.

edit payees.jpg

When using a single payee, that company name appears as the only "Pay to the Order of:" name on the check form. When using the Multiple Payee option, a drop-down box appears in place of the single company name. The check submitter uses the drop down box to select the payee name as instructed to by you.

The screen shot below show the Multiple Payee drop-down selection as it appears on the check form.


Please note that with the Multiple Payees options - all checks go into the same database. If for accounting or legal reasons, you need to accept checks for more than one company, and the checks/accounting/reporting can not be intermingled, then it is suggested that separate Vcheck accounts be established for each entity.

If you don't want the Payee drop-down box to appear on your online check forms, you can designate which payee to show in the link you use to launch the check form. For instance, if you have more than one DBA and they use different websites, you can put a slightly different link on each site to display the correct payee on the form.

To do this, you simple add a new variable to the link you use to call the form. That variable is: &payee=XXXXX  with the XXXXX being the Payee name EXACTLY as you have it set in your Vcheck account. Referring to the screen shot above, an example would be: &payee=Farmers Insurance Exchange

For example, below is a sample link like the one you were sent in your Account Setup Data email, you will see the new variable inserted after the id= variable:

<A HREF="#PaybyVcheck"onClick="'
resizable=1,scrollbars=yes,status=yes');MyWin.focus();"> Pay By Vcheck</A> 
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Use Multiple Payees but don't want the drop-down box on your check form? Just add the &payee= variable to your link(s). See instructions at the bottom of the main content area.

Multiple Payees AND Check Batching

If you have checks made out to different payees and you use Check Batching, the checks will be sorted by Payee first, then by date.