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Creating Additional Users/Admins for Your Account

This page covers the Users - Add New User menu.

Users Menu.jpgThis feature is included in the Professional level accounts and available as an optional upgrade for all accounts. It allows the Master Admin to create additional users/admins with their own username, password, and various levels of access to the account.

When you sign up for a Professional level account (or add this upgrade option), the initial account administrator is designated as the "Master Admin". They have absolute full rights within the account to view, print and delete checks, setup recurring payments, view log files of all activity and the like. The Master Admin may also create additional users that may log into the account using their own unique username and passwords. Each additional user may be created (and later modified) with rights to perform (or not to perform) certain functions within the account. For instance, you may want a customer service representative within your organization to simply have the ability to perform searches of previous or current check details to answer customer questions - but do nothing else within the system.

New users are created using the Users - Add User menu. To view a list and/or modify the settings of current users - including passwords and permissions - use the Users - View / Edit Users menu. The Change My Password link will allow the users that is currently logged in to change their own password.

To create a new user, you will need to designate a unique username and password. For security reasons, it is NOT recommended that the username and password be the same! The system requires the use of strong passwords. They must contain at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one number and one special character.

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The following rights (or permissions) may be granted to any given user - simple check the box to grant the permission:

Can set Custom Email Contents?
Pro level accounts can set their own custom content for both outgoing receipt email messages and the incoming check creation notification messages. Will this new user be allowed to change the content of those messages? Custom Email Content is also available as an optional upgrade to all accounts.

Can Read Checks?
This option gives the user the permission to Read (view and print) checks - but NOT permission to Create Recurring or new Repeat Customer checks, nor permission to delete any existing checks.

Can Write Checks?
This option gives the user the addition permission to "write" to the check database - which means the ability to both create new checks via the Repeat Customer list and to delete any "live" checks that are present in the new checks list.

Can View Reports?
This option gives the user the ability to generate, view, print and/or download various reports. This could include detailed information about every check that was ever created within your account. You may wish to limit this feature to those that may need such reports for accounting or book keeping purposes. Advanced Reporting with the ability to download reports as .CSV files is included with Pro Level accounts but is also available as an optional upgrade to all accounts.

Can change MOTD?
MOTD = Message Of The Day. The upper left area of the Control Panel's Home page contains a green area that is used to present updated messages to system users. There will usually be a System Message which is controlled by us - to alert you of changes or upgrades to the system and such. Each "Merchant" is allowed to post their own MOTD that will appear in the same area under the heading of "Merchant Message". This MOTD is only viewable by your own users and can be used by the Master Admin to post reminders or other system related messages.

Can search Checks?
This option gives the user the ability to perform a search of all past checks and then to view complete details of any matching results.

Can view Logs?
A log file of every single action taken by every single user on every single check is maintained for security, quality control and error checking. Actions such as Menu items accessed, checks viewed, printed, created and deleted and more are recorded along with the username responsible for the action and the exact date/time and IP address associated with the action. Do you want this user to have access to those logs? This feature is part of Advanced Reporting, with the ability to download search reports as .CSV files. It is included with Pro Level accounts but is also available as an optional upgrade to all accounts.

Can Delete Checks?
If checked, the user will be able to delete new checks from the account.

Can Restore Checks?
Sometimes a check that has been deleted needs to be restored to the Waiting Checks table to be reprinted. Unless a user has this box checked, only the Primary User/Admin can do this.  See this page for more details.

Can Set User PDF Settings?
If your account has the upgrade option for Additional Admins/Users - this option will allow each user to have their own check alignment PDF Settings. This option can be used if you have more than one staff member printing checks using different computers and different printers. If you set this option - then each user can login using their own username/password and go to the User - User PDF Settings menu.

Editing Users

If you have additional users setup, you can edit their user accounts via the Users - View/Edit Users menu.  That link will bring up a list of all your current users including older ones that have since been suspended.  The Options button gives you access to View their details or Edit User. Under the edit option you can change username, password, permissions or suspend the user - which will immediately lock them out from accessing the system. Note: The View Details option will also show a log of a users recent activity.

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User Emails

Each user in the system (once they log in) can and should set their own email address for "I Forget My Password" notifications.