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Linking to Your Secure Vcheck Form From Your Website

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use an iFrame to embed the Vcheck form into one of your webpages. Our security measures prevent that. Use either a direct link or the javascript code in your Vcheck Setup Data welcome email to launch the form into a new or pop-up window.

If you are in the insurance industry, and wish to use our existing pre-form that asks specific industry related questions prior to allowing the customer access to the actual form, please see the special note under the sample links below.  Click here to launch The Insurance Pre-From (This form is built into the system).

If you are using a custom pre-form, then review the instructions here.

If you don't have a website, you can still allow customers to get to your online form by sending them to InstantCheckPay.Com - See More Details.

There are several ways to link to your check form as the examples below show. All this information, customized with your system ID was contained in the Welcome email you received when your account was originally setup.

The most popular method of linking to your secure check form is to launch it into a new, pre-defined browser window. This window is set to a specific size and does not have the URL address line - so your customers will never know that the form is not coming directly form your own site. The new window does have the status bar on the bottom where the Secure SSL Connection key or lock icon appears so they will know they have a secure connection.

While broken into several lines below to display on this page, a link such as the below needs to be a single line of code in the HTML of your website. This link will open a plain text version of the links below into a new browser window. You can copy and paste the code from that window into your website. HOWEVER, YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THE XXXX AFTER THE ID= TO YOUR OWN ID CODE. Your unique ID code was provided to you in the Welcome email message.

plain text link.jpg

The words "Pay by Vcheck" in the code above may be changed to anything you like or an image may be used instead. Below are a number of images you may use instead of text. Just right click on an image and use the Save As or Save Image As command to save a copy of the image to your hard drive. You or your webmaster can then substitute the text of "Pay By Vcheck" with a call for the new image from your website.

There are 71 additional images similar
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Creating a Short Link to Email or put on Invoices

The full link to your check form is not conducive for inclusion in emails or on invoices due to its length.  For that purpose, you can create a very short link that leads to the same form.  See this page for details.

Also, you can always view the various options to link to your form by going to the Customers - Create Send Payment link page and scrolling to the bottom. A sample of such is below:

standard links from create payment link.jpg

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We have over 70 images similar to the below you can use on your website to link to your Vcheck form. Click here to view them all.