Reentering A Check

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Let's face it - everyone makes typos. If you are your customer entered a check into the system with mistakes (wrong amount, etc) and you delete that check and try to reenter it using the same routing number, account number and check number - you will discover the system won't let you do that.

This is a security measure to prevent duplicate checks being created and processed through the account holders bank.

In order to reenter a check using the same routing/account/check numbers - we must first delete the entire history of that check from the system. Here is the procedure to make that happen:

1. Make a note of the check's confirmation number (not the check number). If you have already deleted the check, you can find the confirmation number by one of these methods:

  • Doing a Search using other information about the check.
  • Going to the Reports > Monthly Reports menu and scrolling down to the proper month and select View all checks for (month/year).  Even deleted checks will show in the report. 
  • Find the new check notification email for the check - the confirmation is in that email.

2. After you have noted the confirmation number, delete the check if you have not done so already.

3. Use the form below to request a complete check history deletion.  We will let you know when this has been done. At that point, you may then reenter the check with the correct information.

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