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If you wish to secure the logins to your account with more than your username and password, Vcheck is integrated with Google's Authenticator Android and iOS apps. If you have a Pro account or the upgrade option for Multiple Users/Admins, each user under your account can use this extra security method.

If you are not familiar with the GA app - you can view details and install it from here for Android and here for iOS. Once activated for your Vcheck account, when you login to Vcheck with your username/password a screen will appear for you to enter your Google Authenticator six digit code.  This is a constantly changing code that you can view by launching the GA app on your smartphone, tablet, ipad or similar.  In other words, someone would have to have access to your smart device and your username/password in order to login to your Vcheck account.

login modal.jpg

When you enable Two Part Authentication, The initial screen shown below will never be shown again so it's important that you have your device with you and the app installed before enabling Two Part Authentication. If need be, you can go back to the Users - Two Part Authentication menu, deactivated the service, and enable it again to get a new barcode and key.

barcode screen.jpg

If you are not familiar with the GA app - you can view details and install it from here for Android and here for iOS.

If you have never used the Google Authenticator app, it can be a little confusing on first use. You may get the impression you must first use it to secure your Google accounts.  This is not the case.  You can skip the initial screens to the Add an Account screen and either use your device's camera to scan the barcode on the screen or type in the key which is also on the screen.

Below are screenshots of a new install of the GA app and how to get to the Add an Account screen.

ga1.jpg ga2.jpg
ga3.jpg ga4.jpg

PLEASE NOTE:  To the right of the six digit code is a small blue circle. When a new code is issued (they are only good for 30 seconds) the circle will be full and sort of count down - when only a thin slice is shown you may wish to wait a few seconds for a new one before you enter it into the login screen.

Also, while it is possible to install the Google app on more than one device, this presents a security risk unless you keep all devices with you at all times.

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