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If you are an ACH merchant, most of this User's Manual is applicable to your account. However, certain functions and upgrade options are not.  Any page that does NOT apply to ACH is marked with the No/Ban icon on the navigation bar as shown in the image to the left.  There is also the ACH Account page that has additional instructions and video for such accounts.

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Here are a few pointers about this User's Manual site. There is a keyword search in the upper right sidebar "Find It!". When you see the Video Tutorial image on a page (like the one in the upper left of this page), it will launch a short, topic specific video tutorial on the subject matter of that page. The right side bar also contains a Video Tutorials List you can access anytime to see a list of all available videos. Also near the top of the right sidebar your will see the Print Main Content Area button. This will send just the main content of the page (no menus, no sidebar, no footer) to your printer. Finally, you can use the Site Map link on the right of the top navigation to see every page/topic in the site.

Did You Know?

Our exclusive Signature Capture feature is included with all accounts. You can automatically add a Service Fee to all your checks. You can request driver's license data for checks over a certain amount. You can add your own custom text to the Vcheck forms.

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