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We recently moved the ability to restore a deleted check to the Customers menu.

2019-08-30 10_17_36-VCheck.pngFor security reasons, it is highly recommended that you do not leave "live" checks in your account after they are printed and processed. A record of every check transaction (minus the full routing/account numbers) is maintained so you can always search and view the complete details about any check, even after the "live" check has been deleted.

However, if you delete a check and need the actual check restored into your Waiting Checks table for any reason, you can do that within 30 days after the check was deleted. 

Users with the proper permissions will see a new Restore Checks as the last link under the Customers menu. That link will open an overlay search box asking for the confirmation number.

You can find the confirmation number by doing a Search for the check or in your Reports.

If the check was deleted more than 30 days ago - no results will appear even for valid confirmation numbers.

If the check can be restored it will appear in the search results. Just click on the Restore Check button to do so.

2019-08-30 10_21_00-VCheck.png

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