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While there are many software programs available that allow you to accept checks by phone, by fax or the internet - Vcheck is the only system that allows you to print checks with the customer's actual signature included!

That's right! Our system has the exclusive feature of Electronically Captured Signatures. This special feature actually allows your customers to sign the check they are submitting with their mouse! This electronic signature is converted to an image and placed on the check that you print. If printed on blank check stock using MICR toner, there is absolutely no difference in appearance nor functionality between a check our system produces and one the customer would write by hand.

Signature Capture sample check.jpg

For security and privacy, the actual signature is not stored – only the hundreds of coordinates of the mouse movements, and those coordinates are encrypted when saved. These are decrypted and converted into an image of the signature only when the final check is created, and then the actual image is deleted.

Wanna try out the E-Sign system? Of course you do! Using your mouse, sign your name in the box below. Please make your signature as accurate as possible. You may use the Start Over link above the box to erase and begin again if necessary. When you submit the signature, that area will refresh and showing the image of your signature. Not to worry, the image is created on the fly and is NOT permanently saved on the server or in any way tracked or logged.

This feature is included with all accounts and can be turned on and off by simply adding the variable: &template=signature after your merchant id in the link to your form.  In fact, if desired, you can have one link that does not use the signature capture and on that does.

Again, the bottom of the Merchants - Create Send Payment Link page will show you the various links you can use to send customers to your Vcheck form.

<a href="" target="_blank">Pay by Vcheck</a>
The XXXX above would be replaced with your merchant id.

For more details on using variables in your links, see this page.

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Electronic signatures are secure and legally enforceable as outlined in the Congressional Electronics Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000

E-signatures are used by Microsoft, Charles Schwab, Cisco Systems, numerous law firms, real estate transaction services, and now, our own Vcheck service. The customer's electronic signature combined with the capture of their computer's IP address, the image verification required to submit the check form, and the unique transaction number assigned to every check far exceed the requirements for a legally binding e-signature.