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Using the Search, Logs and Reports Features

Vcheck has very robust tracking features. You can Search for a specific check, view logs of actions taken in your account and pull reports on a range of transactions. 

Searching for a Specific Check Transaction

A separate database keeps a permanent records of all checks submitted (using only the last 4 digits of the account number). To begin a search, just click the Search link on the left navigation menu. This will allow you to search for individual checks by Confirmation Number (see below), Email Address, Amount or Payer Name. For accounts with Batch Printing enabled, you may also search by Batch.

You may also search by a range of dates to see all checks within that range - just select the desired dates and leave the Search Text field blank. Each new check is given a unique Check ID confirmation number. This is recorded in the database and is provided to the check submitter, and to you in the new check notification email you receive whenever a new check is created under your account.

Clicking on the View History button next to any checks in the search results will show complete information about the check (only the last 4 digits of the account number) including a complete history of all actions taken on the check such as viewing or downloading the PDF file and check deletion. The account "user/admin" name and IP address used at the time of each action is also recorded.

This feature can be used to produce transaction reports and check search functions without having to keep the actual checks once they have been downloaded or printed. As an added security measure, it is always a good idea to delete checks once they have been processed. With the search and/or report features, there is no reason not to do so.

The below are screen shots of the Search process:

Check history search screen.jpg

Sample of Search Results

Search results.jpg

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reports is an optional upgrade for all accounts but is included in the Pro level account. Advanced Reporting allows you to generate full check detail reports by the month or specific date range. You may view the results on-screen or download the details as a comma delimited text (.csv) file that may be opened in Excel or imported into almost any database program. If you have the Pro level account or the optional upgrade for Check Batching, you can also pull full detail reports on a batch by batch basis.

This page has detailed information on the Advanced Reports feature and sample files you can download.

Below is a shot of the basic Report - Monthly Reports screen followed by a shot of the details available for each check.

Advanced Reporting.jpg

Information available via the View History button on reports / search reports

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Log Files - User Actions

A log file is maintained for pretty much every major action any user/admin on your account takes. Clicking the Logs link in the left navigation menu will display the most recent entries in the log file.  This is useful if you are trying to determine any sequence of events regarding your account.  There is a link above the most recent entries for Older Logs which will display a set number of the next oldest.  You can move back and forth in the log history using the links above the results.

The screenshot below is a sample of what actions are recorded and the details of each.

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Search: Lets you search for a check or checks that match keywords under numerous criteria.

Reports: Lets you pull reports on all checks or batches under a specified date range, monthly or yearly.

Logs: A record of every major action taken by every user/admin on your account.