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This Page is NOT Applicable for ACH Accounts

Printing Endorsement on the Back of Checks

This function lets you print endorsements on the back or your checks for deposit. You can do this on an "as needed" basis, or load up a bunch of blank check stock and pre-print your endorsements.

On the top right of your Waiting Checks table you will see the button to Print Endorsement for Deposit. On the new page you can use the Options button next to existing endorsements to Print, Edit or Delete.

You can add/edit as many endorsements as you need if you deposit your checks into different accounts and/or have multiple payees.

TO PROPERLY PRINT ENDORSEMENTS: Click the Optoins - Print Endorsement link to the right of the endorsement you wish to print. This will generate a PDF file setup for 3 checks per page. The PDF is set to horizontal. MAKE SURE you set the page to HORIZONTAL in the Printer Properties dialog box when you print the PDF file.

You will have to load your checks or blank check stock upside down in your printer tray to print on the back of the check. You may have to rotate the checks by 180 degrees to get the endorsements printed on the proper area (end) of the checks.

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Add New Endorsement

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