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Using the Create Send Payment Link

This page covers the Customers - Create Send Payment Link menu.

This function allows you to create both a generic shortURL link to your check form and also an unlimited number of unique links that can pre-populate the check amount and memo fields.

The generic link is great to include in emails or on invoices. To create a generic link to your check form, just leave the Amount and Memo fields blank, select the other options you may or may not want to use (explained below) and create the link.

The Vcheck system supports the pre-population of certain fields on the actual check form if the data for those fields is sent in the link that calls the form.

The Payee of the check is automatically generated by your unique ID, and you can see that in any link that is used to get users to your secure check form. However, you can also pre-populate both the Amount and the Memo fields with data that can not be changed on the form.

This is accomplished by sending the name of the fields and the data for those fields in the call (link) to the check form. This can come in handy if you want to send a customer a link to make a payment that will take them directly to your check form and pre-fill in the amount and memo field.

You can easily create these links by using the Customers - Create Send Payment Link function. A screen shot of the function is below, but in essence you simply provide the Amount of the payment (Don't include the $ sign) and anything you want to go into the Memo field on the check. You can also choose to use the Signature Capture feature, and if you are an insurance agent, you can choose to use the insurance pre-form. Then just click the Create Payment Link button and the links will appear in the large text box.

The easiest way to copy the entire link is to place your cursor anywhere in the text box, use the Ctrl+A keys to select everything within the box and then the Ctrl+C key to copy the link to your clipboard. You can then use the Ctrl+V keys to paste the link directly into an webpage or email to the customer.

The system creates two version of the link. The first is full HTML including the HTML tags. This link can be inserted into a webpage or HTML compliant email.

The second link uses our own Short URL system which creates a very short link - such as  The ShortURL version is great from pasting in emails. It goes to the same exact form as the longer HTML link.

create send payment link.jpg

In addition to creating specialized payment links, the Customers - Create Send Payment Link page also shows you all the standard links that will go to your check froms - as in the example below:

standard links from create payment link.jpg

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Recent Update to This Function:

ShortURLs are now created using all lower case letters.

We also added a SSL certificate to the domain so all ShortURLs are https secure.