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Deleting Checks Once Processed

Check options form merchant home page.jpgFor security reasons, it is highly recommended that you do not leave "live" checks in your account after they are printed and processed. A record of every check transaction (minus the full account number) is maintained so you can always search and view the complete details about any check, even after the "live" check has been deleted.

There are two ways to delete checks from the Waiting Checks table. Under the Options button to the right of each check you will find the option for Delete Check.  You will be asked to confirm you wish to delete the check AND if the check has not been printed or download, you will receive an additional warning.  Please note that once you delete a check it can only be restored by request and only within 30 days of its deletion.

The second method of deleting checks is to select one or more using the checkboxes to the left of each check.  There is also a Select All or Select None button at the bottom of the Waiting Checks table.  Once the desired checks have been selected, you can click the Go button at the bottom of the table.  NOTE: if you have the Check Batching option enabled for your account, you will have a drop-down box next to the Go button to select either Batch Selected or Delete Selected.

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