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This Page is NOT Applicable for ACH Accounts

Fine Tuning How Your Checks Print

In most cases, the defaults set for generating the check PDF files work fine. However, some printers may require some adjustments.

Select PDF Viewer - Click The Image Below to Learn More

On the left navigation bar, go to the Merchant - Merchant PDF Settings menu to select this option. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the button to save your changes.  NOTE: If you have the upgrade option for multiple Admins/Users - and you have users printing checks from different computers and individual printers - you can allow your additional users to have their own PDF Settings.

On a basic level account, you have the choice of printing a single check with 2 voucher copies of that check on a sheet of paper or check stock or the option of printing just the negotiable check with NO voucher copies (See NOTE below). On PRO level accounts (or if you order the Check Batching upgrade), you can also choose to have 3 different checks print on a single sheet of check stock and have the option of the two most popular sizes of business size check stock. As a security feature, you also have the option to truncate the customer's account number on the voucher copies.

Vcheck supports either top check or 3-up business size checks. This PDF shows visual examples of the 4 types of business check stock the system supports.

check options with epc6.jpg

Also, if using check stock (which is highly recommended if you physically deposit your check opposed to using a check scanner or Mobile Deposit), there is no reason to waste check stock when trying to adjust the print alignment. Just print the test checks on plain paper and then hold that print behind a piece of check stock and in front of a bright light. The print out should show through enough to indicate if its where it needs to be (assuming the check stock has the MICR |: watermark symbol to show the idea location).

NOTE: Not every user needs or wants the voucher copies of the check - and printing them is a waste of check stock (if you use 3-up check stock) and toner.

You have the option of printing just the actual negotiable check with NO voucher copies. This allows you to print 3 different checks on a single sheet of check stock (again, if you use check stock with 3 checks on a page instead of just a top check with two blank vouchers below).

To do this, simply print the first check, separate it at the preforation and when ready, use the remaining portion for the next check - what was the middle check will now be the top of the check stock.

This option is also available to Pro level accounts for printing single checks. Printing 3 different checks per page of check stock (all at once) is automatic when using the Check Batching feature built into the Pro level accounts or available as an upgrade option on all accounts.

EPC-6 Requirement: Some banks now require Romotely Created Checks (RCC) that do NOT contain the customer's signature to have the number 6 in position 44 of the MICR line.  If your bank requires this - just check that option.  See this page for complete details.

Bold MICR checkbox: Some banks or check scanners require the MICR line of the check be in Bold.  Check this box if that is the case.


All printers and printer drivers vary, so some may not put the critical MICR line at the bottom of the check where it needs to be. Or, due to the way the printer grabs the paper, the entire PDF image may print too high or too low.

The Merchant - PDF Settings menu allows you to fine tune the exact placement of the PDF image to your exact printer by adjusting it up, down, left or right by increments of 1/100th of an inch.

Adjust Print alignment.jpg

That page in the Control Panel has very detailed instructions on where the MICR line should fall and how to make adjustments. If you don't have a ruler handy, you can download and print this PDF. Make sure the page scaling is set to none, actual size or 100%.


230.82 KB PDF
Shows all the check paper supported by Vcheck.
9.53 KB PDF
Sample of a printed check using Signature Capture and set for top check and two voucher copies.
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Alternatives to Adobe Reader

In order to print your Vchecks, you will need a PDF Viewer/Reader. Adobe is the best known - but not necessarily the best. Below you will find links to other FREE PDF Viewers that are smaller, faster, trouble-free and work very well with Vcheck.

PDF X-change Viewer (our favorite) - Free for non-advanced version. Download either the .zip or .exe installer here.

FoxIt Reader - Download the Reader from this page.

Sumatra - A very light-weight open source reader.  Download here.

SlimPDF - 10% the size of Adobe Reader - download is only 1.43 MB.