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Before using your account, there are a couple of required email addresses and a phone number that must be setup. A basic version of these were already entered for you when your account was activated. However, the system supports more complex options that you may wish to use.

The Reply To Email Address:
This is the "Reply To" address used on all outgoing E-Mail messages such as payment receipts. It also appears on payment receipt page at the completion of a payment submission. If you would like to include a name with your address, include the name in double " quotation marks followed by a space and the address in < > symbols. Like: "John Smith" <john(at)>

The To or Notification Email Address:
This is the address or addresses to which system messages such as new check notifications will be sent. Separate multiple addresses with a , comma. Like: joe(at),Bill(at),Jane(at)

Disable Check Notifications:
By default, the system will send emails to all the Notification Email Addresses when a check is created in your account. This includes New, Recurring and Repeat Customer checks. Some merchants would rather not receive such notifications because they are in the system everyday anyway, or they create too many checks to deal with all the notification messages. If, for any reason, you do not wish to receive new check notifications, simply check this box.  NOTE: other system messages such as password resets, contact data updates and such will still be sent to the TO addresses - so please enter in a valid address.

Contact Phone:
This number appears on the receipt page and receipt email. It is required to be a valid number that is answered during normal business hours. Enter in the 10 digits only (3 digit area code and 7 digit number). It will be automatically formatted.

Some banks now require a merchant point of contact on remotely created checks. To accommodate this, There will be a line of text on all checks near the memo line that reads "Please direct any questions to Customer Service (your contact phone number). Therefore it's important that your keep your contact phone up-to-date in your Contact Data. This new line will not affect the ability for your customers to insert their own memos on checks.

Time Zone:
All checks submitted through the system use the exact date and time of the submission as the check's date. The date/time used is based on your own time zone.

Updating Your Contact Information:
It is important to keep your contact information current. Once you login to the system, you will be taken to the Merchant Homepage. Your current Contact Info will be displayed in the upper right section of that page. There is a button in that section to Edit Contact Info. You will find the same option under the Merchant menu on the left navigation bar.

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