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Data Security and Privacy

We at Vcheck value you and your customer's privacy and data security.  We NEVER sell, rent, trade, or in any way share the information we have about you and your company or your customers that use the Vcheck system (except when required to do so by law enforcement).

Since the Vcheck servers do not handle any type of credit card data, we are not required to be PCI compliant. However, we maintain our servers as though we are.  In the 15+ years Vcheck has been server-based, we have never had an outside security breach.

We have the Vcheck servers periodically scanned for security by a third party. Although no server is 100% bullet proof - we do a pretty good job. You can download a sample of a recent scan below.

Data Security and Confidentiality Agreement

Some of our merchants are in heavy regulated industries that require specific written data security agreements in order to remain industry compliant.  Below is the standard agreement we use in such cases. 

285.62 KB PDF
Recent results from an intensive security scan on the actual Vcheck servers on which the system runs.
123.94 KB PDF
Our standard agreement if need for industry compliance regulations.
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