Requiring Drivers License Data

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Option to Collect Driver's License Information

All merchants have the ability to ask for the check submitter's date of birth, Drivers License number and State of Issue. 

Furthermore, you can trigger these new Vcheck form fields based on the amount of the check. For instance, you can tell the system to ask for this data for checks of $100 or $500 – you determine the exact amount.

In essence, this feature is implemented by adding a single variable to the link you use to send customers to you Vcheck form. That variable is:  &dl=100 (where 100 is the amount of a check (or greater) that will trigger the extra form fields asking your customer for their driver's license data.  As with all additional variables that can be used in a link, this one should go after you merchant id such as shown below:

Standard, simple link to Vcheck form:

Adding the variable to call for customers DL info on all checks of $100.00 or more:

Here is the same link that ALSO calls for the Signature Capture using another variable:

If you use this variable and a customers check is over the trigger amount, the section below will show in the second step of your Vcheck form:


There are many options for the Vcheck form that call for the use of variables in the link. You can add multiple variables one after the other. A simple explanation of a variable (such as &dl=100) is:

& = all additional variables start with the & symbol signifying "and" or "plus" a new varible.

dl = The name of the variable so the system knows what to do.  &dl means call for drivers license data if check is the Value or greater.

100 = In this example, the Value of the variable triggers the extra form fields.

With the variable &template=signature - you are adding a call for a special version of the Vcheck form - in this the case, the one that uses the Signature Capture feature.

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